Led Decor Lamps

Led decor lamps




In this section it is possible to find all led lamps already ready to use in your building. Led ceiling lamps, table led lights, apliques, of all shapes and designs to satisfly any particular requirements


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LED table lamps with LEDs already integrated in the lamp structure, fully featured LED ceiling lamp with LEDs inserted into special cooling discs, design appliqués with many light fixtures, LED bars or spotlights to illuminate kitchens, lockers, glass cabinets .

It is a great convenience to have a lamp already designed to make the most of the potential of the LED light.

And in addition, you never have to replace the bulbs again because the LEDs are integrated into the lamps.



Led table lamps

Led table lamps ideal for readings and studying with dimmable lamps and color temperature.

Ceiling Led Downlight

Led ceiling light with integrated lamp for an easy installation on ceilings available with different light tones and powers.

Appliqués Led

Led appliques with integrated lamp for an easy installation on house walls. Available in a different design shape.

Led Furnitures Lights

Led furniture lights designed for ambient lights of bookshelves, displays, kitchen or TV ambients lights.