Led for Furniture

LED lamps for furniture




In this section you can find the led lamps ready to be installed in your building. Led ceiling lights , table lamps, appliques, of all shapes, designs and necessary powers.   


Led table lamps with leds already integrated in the lamp structure, ceiling lights led from ceiling completely closed with LEDs inserted in special cooling disks, design appliques with lots of light effects, led bars or spotlights to illuminate kitchens, cabinets, display cabinets.

A beautiful comfort to have a lamp already designed to make the most of the potential of led light . And in more, you will never have to replace the bulbs anymore because the leds are integrated into the lamps .


LED table lamps

Lamp table led or ideal desk for reading and studying with possibility of dimming and light color change.

Led ceiling lights

Ceiling lamp LED with integrated lamp in the structure, very easy to install in ceilings are available in different shapes.

Led wall light

Applique led with integrated lamp for a simple wall installation. Available in different shapes, power and lighting effects

LED lights for furniture

Led lights for furniture specifically designed to create lighting for bookcases, showcases, kitchens or as ambient lights for TV